I was destined to become a designer. I truly believe that. I fell in love with art so early on, I can’t even remember when the love affair started. What I do remember is filling up journals with sketches of my amazing clothing line that was going to change the face of fashion in junior high. In high school was when the comic book nerd inside of me emerged and I spent countless hours creating vivid back stories and imagery for my own little comic book imprint. By the time I graduated, interior design had caught my attention and I constantly transformed my college dorm rooms into stylish backdrops fit for a magazine photo shoot. Well, that’s what I thought, anyway. 

My professional career began in television, producing lifestyle programming for network TV. This re-ignited my love for fashion, interior design and beautiful imagery and has led to a 10+ year career as a multi-talented designer. 

I’ve had the pleasure of designing for large companies such as Disney, GameStop, Microsoft, American Heart Association and Citi, but my true passion is creating strong personal brand identities and designing online homes for lifestyle brands. 

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AF+CO is like an all-inclusive cruise to an amazing destination. Once you embark on the creative journey with me, you’ll have everything you need for your business at your fingertips. When we collaborate on your brand strategy + web design, I’ll not only work with you to define your brand story and create engaging visuals, I'll also provide guidance along the way. Need some photos that will wow your audience and make your website come alive? I will strategically shoot your images while keeping your branding and website in mind.

meet AF+CO

Whether you’re frustrated with the current look and feel of your site, itching to press refresh on your brand or only have a nugget of an idea, I’ll get you where you want to be.

Kind words from:

Angela by far is one of the most professional and talented photographers we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Not only is her work and attention to interior/exterior details exquisite, but she is polite and courteous which makes working with her an experience that’s just as beautiful as her work. We always look forward to working with Angela and highly recommend her for any photography opportunity.


Dog and a Duck, PR
Luna Grill

Kind words from:

Angela has been a lifesaver and my creative fairy godmother when it comes to my website and graphic designs. She's also helped me visually solidify my brand, increase my outreach and capture the attention of prospective clients and sales. She listens to what you want and delivers results that exceed your expectations. I have recommended her to everyone I know looking for these services. She's one of the best out there!


Nurse Alice, On-Air Health Expert
Ask Nurse Alice

Kind words from:

Angela was the official photographer and home stylist for the 2018 White Rock Home Tour. Her stellar work propelled our home tour into the national spotlight. She is a dream to work with, the White Rock Home Tour is an insane amount of work across multiple locations, and Angela juggled everything (seemingly) effortlessly. Angela's rare talent, professionalism, and positive, cheerful demeanor combine to make her a CREATIVE FORCE!!!!


Alyson Black, Tour Publicist
White Rock Home Tour

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Angela designed my branding, blog and marketing materials. She thoughtfully listened to what I wanted and included my ideas into the designs. She has a great eye, she’s very professional, and she even sent me different articles to help my business to be more successful! I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and I would highly recommend her services! The quality of her work is worth every penny. 

Jordan Baum, Blogger 
The Limitless Miss